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July 26, 2009 News
Formula Ford 40th: Treadway Wins Rain Effected Feature Race

Jeff Treadway overcame the rain and stiff competition to win the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary race at Road America (Photo: Dennis Valet)
Jeff Treadway overcame the rain and stiff competition to win the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary race at Road America
(Photo: Dennis Valet)

After two years of organizing and planning, the historic Formula Ford 40th Anniversary event ended on Sunday (July 26) at Road America, with a collection of highly entertaining races.

The head-to-head action commenced just prior to the lunch break at the famed Wisconsin road course, with the SCCA Restricted Regional race. Featuring a split start, the race witnessed 45 Formula Fords taking the green flag ahead of a field of 66 Club Formula Fords. Somewhat surprisingly, given the sheer number of cars, both classes got away cleanly, with no cars going off-course in the often treacherous turn one. Setting the stage for what would ultimately be a race long battle for top honors, Bobby Runyan Jr. (Swift DB-6), Tom Schweitz (Piper DF5) and David Livingstone (Swift DB-3) began trading places on a regular basis, with Jonathon Horgas (Van Diemen RF93), Bill Valet (Swift Db-6), and Allen Wheatcroft (Van Diemen RF98) no far behind. Among the CFF contingent, the fight for top honors early on consisted of Jeremy Treadway (Van Diemen RF81), Niki Coello (Tiga FFA 78), Andy Brumbaugh (Crossle 35F) and Marc Blanc (Crossle 35F) running nose-to-tail.

Unfortunately a multi-car incident in turn one, that featured John Brumder (Crossle 32F) flipping, soon halted the racing action, only to be resumed after a lengthy delay. As expected the second half of the 12-lap race featured plenty of passing for position among the class leaders, particularly with traffic routinely playing a part. As a result, the final order was only decided when the checkered flag waved. Livingstone became the first winner of the day, taking the SCCA Restricted Regional win by 2.860s, thank in large part to last lap contact between Schweitz and Runyan Jr. Both drivers continued however, with Schweitz crossing the stripe in second ahead of Runyan Jr. Fourth and fifth were Horgas and Dave Rocha (Swift DB-1). Horgas was subsequently demoted to 87th for working on his car during the race stoppage, promoting Wheatcoft into the up top-five. Only a few cars down the order, Treadway initially was the race winner via a photo finish ahead of Coello. However, Treadway did not pass post-race technical inspection, advancing Coello, 10th overall, to the win. Blanc was the second in Club Formula Ford to the stripe, while Todd Bardwell (Crossle 32F) completed the top-three, ahead of Rodney Jensen (Crossle 35F) and Jason Byers (Crossle 31F).

Prior to the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary feature race getting underway after the lunch break, a special parade of champions was conducted at Road America. Former SCCA Formula Ford National Champions RK Smith (Swift), Bob Lobenberg (Viking), Tony Kester (Reynard), Craig Taylor (Tiga), Jim Harrell (Titan), Dennis Firestone (Crossle), Tom Schweitz (Piper), John Robinson II (Swift) and Keith Nunes (Swift) all returned to the cockpit, turning several laps in formation.

A short time later the SCCA National Formula Ford race, the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary feature race commenced with 87 cars taking the green flag. Giving those on hand plenty to watch, the front of the field made it through turn one two abreast. Unfortunately, just as t the lead pack of polesitter Tim Kautz (Piper DF5), Treadway (Swift DB-6), Cliff Johnson (Piper DF5), Keith Nunes (Swift DB-6), Scott Rubenzer (Citation) and Tony Coello (Van Diemen RF01) were settling into a high-speed rhythm, with plenty of passing, the yellow flags waved for an incident on-course.

Thanks to fast work by the Road America safety crews, the action quickly resumed with the lead five cars running nose-to-tail. As a result, the order routinely shuffled from corner to corner, with Kautz just managing to hold on to the top-spot lap after lap. Things however changed dramatically on lap eight of the scheduled 12-lap race, when rain began falling all around the Wisconsin race facility. With the grip levels rapidly decreasing, Kautz and Nunes were the first of the leaders to see their chances at a win vanish. The duo were soon followed by the likes of Marc Blanc (Swift DB-6), who had joined the fight for the win, and Johnson. With the order now Treadway, Rubenzer, Coello, John Robinson II (Swift DB-6) and Steven Maxwell (Piper DF5), the intensity of the rain increased. As a result of more and more cars sliding off-course, the checkered flag waved one lap early, giving Treadway the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary feature race win.

Bringing the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary to a close, the Vintage Formula Ford group took to the 4.0-mile road course at the end of the day in less than ideal wet conditions. Seeking to add a second weekend victory to his resume, Richard Leslie Jr. (PRS RH02) started P1 in the Formula Ford class for a second straight day. However, by the end of lap one, Mike Scanlan (PRS RH02) had taken over the top-spot, ahead of Leslie Jr. and J.D. King (Zink Z10). With Elliott Lampkin (Lola T-340) and Michael Winebrenner (Crossle 45F) in hot pursuit as well, Scanlan retained the top-spot for the opening three laps. From that point forward, Lampkin became the driver the FF70 leaders were chasing. Never relinquishing the position, Lampkin scored the class nd group win ahead of Scanlan, Leslie Jr., King and Winebrenner. Not much further back in the overall running order, the battle for top honors in the Vintage Formula Ford class featured Bob Hatle (Titan Mark VI) starting P1 and holding the advantage early on in the seven-lap affair ahead of Keith Nunes, Frank Newton, Charles Livingston (March 719) and Bill Halandal (Caldwell D9). Steadily advancing up the overall scoring charts, Hatle and Nunes trading the top-spot throughout the second half of the race, with the winner only decided at the checkered flag. In the end, Nunes captured the win ahead of Hatle and Livingstone, with Newton and Hallandal completing the top-five.

Formula Ford 40th Anniversary
Formula Ford National Race Results
July 26, 2009
Road America Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Pos.DriverClassDiff.Fast Time
1.Jeremy TreadwayFF-2:23.665
2.Tony CoelloFF35.3082:26.460
3.Scott RubenzerFF46.8932:25.978
4.John Robinson IIFF48.5582:29.731
5.Steven MaxwellFF51.3132:28.046
6.Bill ValetFF57.9532:29.493
7.Tim DunnFF1:10.7952:28.076
8.Art FosterFF1:19.5252:28.813
9.Stan TownesFF1:21.9122:29.209
10.Wes AllenFF1:28.5492:30.246
11.Bob LobenbergFF1:34.9742:30.151
12.Todd BardwellFF1:45.9932:32.045
13.Garey GuzmanFF1:48.0902:33.692
14.Phil KinghamFF1:51.0152:32.069
15.Bobby Runyan Jr.FF2:11.6712:27.483
16.Mark DavidsonFF2:24.2932:33.430
17.Michael RandFF2:41.9912:36.455
18.Ric BaribeaultFF2:44.1012:30.633
19.Jon SwansonFF2:54.7412:36.558
20.Larry BangertFF2:56.0752:35.330
21.Russell RuedisueliFF2:56.4932:28.742
22.Bill EhrlingerFF3:04.4572:34.199
23.Ed CalloFF3:10.6942:35.310
24.Jason GenerottiFF3:32.3932:33.867
25.Bill McgeheeFF4:32.6742:32.883
26.John HillFF1 Lap2:28.891
27.Erik ShepardFF1 Lap2:31.811
28.John LuxonFF1 Lap2:35.275
29.John GroomsFF1 Lap2:33.526
30.Clay ArnoldFF1 Lap2:36.350
31.Steve RobertsonFF1 Lap2:36.382
32.Todd McafeeFF1 Lap2:33.303
33.Robert PosnerFF1 Lap2:38.201
34.Marty HandbergFF1 Lap2:37.142
35.James LeeFF1 Lap2:41.784
36.Mark BlytheFF1 Lap2:37.631
37.John SchimentiFF1 Lap2:42.424
38.Robert HallFF1 Lap2:44.359
39.Alan MurrayFF1 Lap2:50.472
40.Andrew BarronFF1 Lap2:50.625
41.Marc BlancFF2 Laps2:27.514
42.David LivingstonFF2 Laps2:29.201
43.Lewis Cooper IIIFF2 Laps2:28.950
44.Neil PorterFF2 Laps2:28.985
45.Michael KolthoffFF2 Laps2:28.046
46.Jim RobertsFF2 Laps2:30.539
47.Mark KellerFF2 Laps2:32.821
48.Donald BaggettFF2 Laps2:30.939
49.Bob LutzFF2 Laps2:39.168
50.Cliff JohnsonFF2 Laps2:23.891
51.Will GallaherFF3 Laps2:35.800
52.Tim KautzFF4 Laps2:23.668
53.Keith NunesFF4 Laps2:24.143
54.Allen WheatcroftFF4 Laps2:32.000
55.Cliff DrakeFF4 Laps2:35.893
56.Tim WiseFF5 Laps2:29.799
57.Tony StefanelliFF5 Laps2:30.740
58.Tony KesterFF5 Laps2:24.117
59.Dave RochaFF5 Laps2:31.762
60.Megan SauceFF5 Laps2:36.802
61.Brad EllingsonFF5 Laps2:49.355
62.Tom SchwietzFF6 Laps2:30.038
63.Chris KellerFF6 Laps2:29.165
64.Steve RouxFF6 Laps2:44.103
65.Brian BelardiFF7 Laps2:37.853
66.Mike SauceFF7 Laps2:32.397
67.Lawrence HendricksonFF7 Laps2:39.346
68.Bill MarbyFF8 Laps2:42.982
69.Frank ChambersFF9 Laps2:45.724
DNFWesley CunninghamFF11 LapsNo-time

Formula Ford 40th Anniversary
Formula Ford Restricted Regional Race Results
July 25, 2009
Road America Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Pos.DriverClassDiff.Fast Time
1.David LivingstonFF-2:26.748
2.Tom SchwietzFF2.8602:26.395
3.Bobby Runyan Jr.FF3.0282:26.609
4.Dave RochaFF11.9042:28.623
5.Allen WheatcroftFF12.0272:27.937
6.Bill MarbyFF22.8782:29.131
7.Ric BaribeaultFF22.9502:29.678
8.Todd McafeeFF23.1242:29.415
9.Niki CoelloCFF31.3982:29.606
10.Garey GuzmanFF31.7952:29.989
11.Marc BlancCFF39.1822:30.347
12.Todd BardwellCFF41.0142:30.305
13.Rodney JessenCFF43.0612:30.334
14.Mark KellerFF43.2942:30.857
15.Jason ByersCFF43.4752:30.116
16.Bill BonowCFF50.4632:31.430
17.Phil KinghamCFF50.5322:30.463
18.Bob HatleCFF53.2552:31.433
19.Rich Leslie Jr.CFF53.2962:31.643
20.David LokenCFF54.6992:30.719
21.Bill McgeheeCFF59.5182:30.848
22.Bob LutzFF1:01.1372:33.491
23.John LuxonFF1:04.8332:35.503
24.Dave HarmisonCFF1:07.4582:32.313
25.Anthony FosterFF1:12.2512:35.715
26.Steve RobertsonCFF1:16.9982:32.625
27.Wes AllenCFF1:19.1102:33.061
28.John SpinelloFF1:19.1652:33.117
29.Larry BangertCFF1:26.0592:34.125
30.Joe FisherFF1:23.6362:33.949
31.Steve BarkleyFF1:26.0582:32.628
32.Michael RandCFF1:26.1962:34.149
33.Steve BeelerCFF1:27.1132:33.840
34.Marty HandbergCFF1:27.3072:33.749
35.Lawrence HendricksonFF1:43.0902:34.386
36.Robert PosnerCFF1:50.3902:35.716
37.Frank ChambersFF1:50.4702:36.884
38.Robert WrightCFF1:52.1252:37.908
39.Steve BodrugFF1:53.5232:35.634
40.John BrownCFF1:55.5452:37.862
41.Jim RobertsCFF1:55.6512:36.509
42.Krista BotsfordFF2:01.4452:40.366
43.Sam YoungmanFF2:01.8682:39.827
44.Bryan CohnCFF2:01.9692:39.210
45.Mark BlytheFF2:02.4352:39.539
46.Robert HallCFF2:02.8132:38.324
47.Mike ScanlanFF2:07.4872:38.121
48.Brad EllingsonFF2:08.2602:36.090
49.Tom TipswordCFF2:09.8702:39.278
50.Gunnar LindstromCFF2:10.5372:39.050
51.J.D. KingCFF2:10.9932:37.208
52.Mark PowellCFF2:12.2952:37.534
53.Tom StillwellFF2:23.0582:42.160
54.Elliott LampkinCFF2:26.9662:41.390
55.Don DenommeCFF2:27.2632:41.461
56.Scott ReifFF2:28.2352:44.899
57.Bill BergeronFF2:28.8292:45.067
58.Tad LenhartCFF2:32.8432:42.400
59.Frank Del VecchioCFF2:33.5412:41.671
60.Wes TiptonCFF2:33.5512:42.874
61.Herry ThompsonCFF2:35.2702:42.063
62.Michael GreenCFF2:35.4402:41.503
63.Peter WoodCFF2:36.2202:41.592
64.Joe MarcinskiCFF1 Lap2:34.612
65.Bruce DomeckCFF1 Lap2:39.548
66.Ian LenhartCFF1 Lap2:41.796
67.Paul QuiniffCFF1 Lap2:44.029
68.John HaydonCFF1 Lap2:43.816
69.Charles SmithCFF1 Lap2:46.442
70.Richard RobertsCFF1 Lap2:48.469
71.Sherm JohnstonCFF1 Lap2:48.533
72.Ron HornigCFF1 Lap2:52.423
73.Joanne DegnanCFF1 Lap2:52.671
74.Will GallaherFF2 Laps2:32.622
75.Erik ShepardFF2 Laps2:30.081
76.Raymond HoeperCFF3 Laps2:43.349
77.Mike AndersonFF4 Laps2:28.935
78.Alex StoneFF4 Laps2:31.658
79.Ed CalloFF4 Laps2:33.904
80.Cliff DrakeFF4 Laps2:35.936
81.Thomas SchoonoverFF4 Laps2:49.018
82.Tony CoveCFF4 Laps2:42.232
83.Tony KesterCFF5 Laps2:31.054
84.Jerry FinkFF5 Laps2:37.027
85.Bruce DrenthCFF6 Laps2:40.449
86.Neil PorterCFF6 Laps2:33.412
87.*Jonathon HorgasFF-2:27.904
88.**Jeremy TreadwayCFF-2:29.241
DNFToms WebbFF7 Laps2:28.738
DNFBill ValetFF7 Laps2:28.401
DNFAndy BrumbaughCFF7 Laps2:30.144
DNFLee LloydFF10 Laps2:34.247
DNFDwight RiderCFF10 Laps2:30.193
DNFJohn BrumderCFF10 Laps2:35.848
DNFSteve RouxCFF10 Laps2:34.013
DNFThomas KlimasCFF10 Laps2:34.913
DNFPeter NoslerCFF11 Laos3:44.753
DNFHans IwandCFF12 LapsNo-time
DNFNoel McAvenaFF12 LapsNo-time

* = Moved to second last finish position per Chief Steward for working on car during Black Flag all
** = Moved to last finish position per Chief Steward for being under weight

Formula Ford 40th Anniversary
Vintage Formula Ford Race Results
July 26, 2009
Road America Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Pos.DriverClassDiff.Fast Time
1.Elliott LampkinFF70-3:04.458
2.Mike ScanlanFF7011.3983:06.072
3.Richard Leslie Jr.FF7012.3913:06.375
4.J.D. KingFF7012.6723:08.028
5.Michael WinebrennerFF7013.6973:06.142
6.Keith NunesVFF1:18.8883:03.957
7.Bob HatleVFF1:19.3983:04.512
8.Frank Del VecchioFF701:35.1533:20.580
9.Ian ScottFF701:43.6403:19.495
10.Tony CoveFF701:43.7483:12.216
11.Charles LivingstonVFF2:11.0263:16.413
12.Frank NewtonVFF2:24.6193:20.107
13.Sherm JohnstonFF702:39.0473:26.750
14.Michael GreenFF703:08.9033:22.739
15.Bill HallandalVFF3:15.8153:25.538
16.Ross SmithVFF1 Lap3:29.731
17.Andrew BarronVFF1 Lap3:32.252
18.Gary GlojekVFF1 Lap3:36.699
19.Ron GreenwellVFF1 Lap3:32.468
20.John StammersVFF1 Lap3:38.794
21.Eric DeanVFF1 Lap3:29.607
DNFDenney BridgesVFF5 Laps3:49.171
DNFRich StadtherVFF6 Laps3:39.776
DNFScott WoodruffFF707 LapsNo-time
DNFJohn BrownFF707 LapsNo-time
DNFAndrew AntipasVFF7 LapsNo-time
DNFKenneth AdamsVFF7 LapsNo-time

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