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April 06, 2008 News
45th FV Birthday Party - Race Winners Crowned at Roebling Road

Jeremy Grenier captured the win over Brad Stout in a superb Brundage Cup (Photo: Mark Weber)
Jeremy Grenier captured the win over Brad Stout in a superb Brundage Cup
(Photo: Mark Weber)

Showcasing why Formula Vee is a premier formula car class, race day at the 45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration featured some of the most entertaining racing in recent memory. At the end of the day, Don Pepperdene (Monposto), John Petrush (Super Vee), Ray Caldwell (Historic), Greg Rice (Formula First) and Jeremy Grenier (Brundage Cup) had emerged as victors.

After enduring a mixture of overcast skies and heavy rain in qualifying, race activities for the 45th FV Birthday Celebration commenced on Sunday morning in ideal spring conditions. Getting the action off to superb start, the opening race of the event featured the large Monoposto class.

Setting the stage for what would be a race long battle for top honors, Pepperdene and Steve Oseth both passed the polesitter Mike Jackson for the lead on the opening lap, with Garrett Van Camp in hot pursuit. Despite the lead trio trading positions around the 2.02-mile road course, the top-three soon had a multi-car advantage over the rest of the field. The order up front suddenly shuffled on lap six, when Van Camp spun his Lynx B off-course, losing numerous positions.

Greatly entertaining the fans and the fellow FV drivers watching the race, the second half of the 15-lap affair, not only witnessed Pepperdene’s Leech Mk1 and Oseth’s Zink Z5 battling for the lead, but Jackson in a Shawdowfax and Frank Newton, piloting a Lynx B, engaged in a good scrap for third place. Additionally, Fred Clark, in a Lynx B, and Ricky Del Rosario, driving a Zink Z5 ran nose-to-tail in fifth and sixth.

Out front, lap after lap Pepperdene and Oseth fought for the win, with the outcome undecided until the final lap. Utilizing lapped traffic to full advantage, Pepperdene captured the victory, taking the checkered flag ahead of Oseth and Newton. Jackson and Del Rosario completed the top-five in the Monoposto Formula Vee race.

Next on track at Roebling Road was the historic class. Featuring assorted Formula Vee cars and the lone Super Vee in attendance, the race witnessed two strong runs at the front of the field. Petrush, led every lap in his Ralt RT5, capturing the overall win as expected. Among the FV contingent, Robert Miller in a Caldwell D13 led the majority of the race, but it was Caldwell, piloting a Caldwell D13, who led the way when the checkered flag waved. Gary Koop, driving a Zink C4, and Keith Treseder, behind the wheel of a Beach, finished fourth and fifth.

Following the lunch break, the on-track action resumed with the first of three Formula Vee heat races to determine the grid for the Brundage Cup at the end of the day. With 15 positions available in the Cup race up for grabs, Rick Shields and William Cooper III led the field to the green flag. As expected the opening stages of the 15-lap heat race featured a group of drivers, including Cooper III, Shields, Ray Carmondy and Laura Andrade dicing for the lead. Thanks in part to a full-course caution, for James Vaseff flipping his Citation XTC41, the battle for the win lasted until the closing stages. Holding off the advances of Shield’s VDF-2, Cooper III captured the win in his Protoform P3. James Brookshire, in an Agitator, finished third, leading Sandy Thalheimer’s Caracal D and Bob O’Connor’s Vortech to the stripe.

Featuring widely regarded as the deepest field among the three current FV groups, the second heat race, witnessed some very intense and entertaining racing. Running three and four wide down the front-straight lap after lap, Stephen Oseth, Bill Davis and Brad Stout each took turns leading, with Donnie Isley and Gary Blanarik also involved in the mix.

While the fight for top spot proved great entertaining, the driver to watch in the first half of the 15-lap race was Grenier. The Ski Motorsports driver, having elected not to run in the wet qualifying session on Saturday, started last, but was among the top-10 by lap five. Turning the fastest laps of the race in his Womer Ev-3, he continued his charge, joining the lead pack in the closing stages.

With the leaders routinely changing positions around the Georgia road course, the win was only decided on the final lap. Avoiding Stout spinning his Vortech and Oseth going off-course in avoidance behind the wheel of his Vortech, Davis emerged as the victor in his Racer’s Wage entry. Grenier finished second, taking the checkered flag ahead of Blanarik’s Caracal SB, Oseth and Stout.

Completing the grid for the Brundage Cup, the third current FV heat race witnessed Ed Womer and Charlie Rogers leading the field into turn one. With Jim Oseth, in a Zink Z12 slotting into third place, the lead trio quickly established a multi-car advantage on the rest of the field. The trio diced for the top-spot for several laps, before Oseth suddenly fell back, just prior to sliding off-course when his left front-wheel came loose.

Out-front. Rogers held off repeated advances from Womer’s Womer Ev-3, scoring the win in his Protofrom P2. Having been part of a very entertaining multi-car fight for position the entire race, Paul Tucker finished third in a Caracal D, edging Russ Stalvey in a Caracal D, and Tom Stephani in a Caracal D.

Contesting Round One of the FormulaCar Magazine Formula First Challenge Cup, the FST cars were next on-course. Having posted the fastest times in qualifying one day prior, Scott Meyer, piloting a Mystique M5, and Robert Clark, driving an Evolution, led the way early in the 15-lap affair. The lead duo, however were soon joined by two-time defending series champion Greg Rice. Piloting the Problemchild SM2, Rice battled the duo for the top spot for a couple laps, before finding a way past into the lead. Once out front, he built an advantage with each successive lap. Never coming under any challenge of note, Rice captured the win at Roebling Road, leading Meyer and Clark to the stripe. Dimitri Mariuto, piloting a BRD, and Matt Gordon, behind the wheel of a Campbell Evolution, completed the top-five.

With top-15 driver’s fast time from the three heat races determining the race order for the 10-lap Brundage Cup, Grenier and Davis started on the front-row. This was of little importance however, as once the green flag waved, the lead group of cars, which included Grenier, Davis, Stout, Oseth and Blanarik, immediately went four wide into the first turn. Repeated this lap after lap, no driver held the top spot for more than a lap during the early stages of the race. That however changed entering the second half, as Stout moved into the lead and established a multi-car advantage on the following pack, which had now expanded to include Womer. Just it appeared as Stout was headed towards an comfortable victory, Grenier closed up on the four-time SCCA National Champion. Running nose-to-tail the entire final lap, the win came down to a drag race from the final turn to the start/finish. Crossing the stripe side-by-side, Grenier provided Ski Motorsports with the victory in a photo finish. Not far adrift, Davis completed the top-three, leading Oseth and Womer to the checkered flag.

FormulaCar Magazine and eFormulaCarNews.com were in attendance at Roebling Road, providing extensive coverage of all the action. Live news, notes and results from the track are available on the official 45th FV Birthday Party discussion thread HERE

Interview with Brundage Cup winner Jeremy Grenier (1.5 Mb)
Interview with Formula First winner Greg Rice (1 Mb)
Interview with Brundage Cup winner Don Pepperdene (1 Mb)

On-board video of race winner Jeremy Grenier during the final three laps (18 Mb)

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Monoposto Formula Vee – Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.Don PepperdeneLeech Mk11:26.809
2.Stephen OsethZink Z51:26.875
3.Frank NewtonLynx B1:27.996
4.Mike JacksonShadowfax1:28.068
5.Ricky Del RosarioZink Z51:28.741
6.Fred ClarkLynx B1:28.810
7.Garrett Van CampLynx B1:26.916
8.Butch DeerFormcar Mk11:30.246
9.Mike KitzmillerLynx B1:29.644
10.Paul MeisZink C41:30.222
11.John HarknessFormcar1:30.179
12.John GaitherZink C41:31.501
13.Guy R. DennehyLynx B1:30.950
14.Mark SilverbergZink C41:29.995
15.Marcus JonesZink C51:29.276
16.Eric DeanAsp MkIII1:28.851
17.Randall YowLynx1:28.012
18.Jon BelangerAutodynamics MkV1:31.280
19.Paul ButtroseZink C41:29.223
20.Doug WhiteZink Z51:30.344
21.John WhiteBeach1:30.459
22.John WileyZink C41:30.104
23.F M LemmonFormcar1:31.945
24.Keith EnnisZink C41:31.382
25.Rod BolhousAutodynamics MkV1:31.851
26.Charles OldfatherZink C41:31.824
27.Fred StorerFormcar1:35.499
28.Barry HeuerShark P691:37.138
29.Charles WilsonFormcar MkII1:39.908
30.Bob SheddZink1:39.297
31.David HertzbergAutodynamics1:43.148
32.Beau GabelFormcar MkIII1:33.434
33.John FuchsKellison1:33.022
DNFWanda CecilBeach 5C2:07.345
DNFHyler CraftFormcar MkI1:46.381
DNFDick RyanRingwraith3:50.027

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Historic Formula Vee – Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.John PetrushRalt RT51:20.526
2.Ray CaldwellCaldwell D131:27.306
3.Robert MillerCaldwell D131:26.961
4.Gary KoopZink C41:30.439
5.Keith TresederBeach1:28.518
6.Lynn FangueCaldwell D131:28.499

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Formula Vee Group 1 – Heat Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.William Cooper IIIProtoform P31:23.292
2.Rick ShieldsVDF1:23.605
3.James BrookshireAgitator1:23.901
4.Sandy ThalheimerCaracal D1:23.463
5.Bob O'ConnorVortech1:23.366
6.Ray CarmodyMysterian M21:23.635
7.Laura AndradeCaracal D1:23.356
8.William RossBRD1:24.567
9.Richard StyczynskiMysterian1:24.623
10.Joseph BrownAgitator III1:23.843
11.Ray QuallsProtoform P31:25.094
12.Christine GurleyCaracal CR1:26.149
13.Nick AshleyCaracal D1:26.120
14.Matthew GuzowskiCaracal C1:27.158
15.David HarrisCaracal D1:27.564
16.Mark RothermelCaracal C1:26.785
17.Jack MaloneyWomer Ev-31:27.923
18.Al OlingerCatamount Oth1:28.124
19.Mike SchifferMysterian M21:30.454
20.Malcolm SharpeCaracal1:27.730
21.John GiordanoLazer Mk2.51:32.009
DNFJames VaseffCitation XTC411:28.452
DNFDerek HardingHC51:34.207

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Formula Vee Group 2 – Heat Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time Race
1.Stevan DavisRacer’s Wage1:20.964
2.Jeremy GrenierWomer Ev-31:20.629
3.Gary BlanarikCaracal SB1:21.604
4.Stephen OsethVortech1:21.573
5.Brad StoutVortech1:21.774
6.Arnold Carbaugh Jr.Protoform P11:22.537
7.Sherman EnglerProtoform V1:22.264
8.Stephen IraFastech 061:22.232
9.Ray PhillipsProtoform P31:22.178
10.Doug SontagRhino DS31:23.010
11.James D. HannumCaracal D1:23.204
12.Albert SpadinProtoform P21:24.025
13.Robert De PalmaMysterian M21:24.405
14.Warren HolcombMysterian1:25.049
15.Lee WagnerLynx B1:25.757
16.Donnie IsleyAgitator 0161:21.688
17.Ron WakeMysterian M41:21.528
18.Harry SchneiderAdams Aero1:27.685
19.John MaloneyWomer Ev-31:28.105
20.William CourseyCaracal D1:33.044
DNFMichael LeonardCaracal D

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Formula Vee Group 3 – Heat Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.Charlie RogersProtoform P21:22.902
2.Ed WomerWomer Ev-31:22.409
3.Paul TuckerCaracal D1:23.548
4.Russ StalveyCaracal D1:22.936
5.Tom StephaniCaracal D1:22.812
6.Lisa NobleVortech1:22.239
7.Anthony HendersonCaracal C1:22.834
8.Harold JohnstonCaracal D1:23.778
9.Eugene GrimesMysterian M21:22.967
10.Bill RocheCitation XTC411:23.273
11.Shannon JonesCaracal B1:24.403
12.Doug KyrWomer Ev-31:25.395
13William PoehlmanCitation 84V1:26.105
14.Greg DavisLazer MrkII1:25.147
15.Stuart DelaneyCaldwell D131:26.024
16.Ray BurfordCaracal C1:25.700
17.Jim OsethZink Z121:22.410
18.Hugh MaloneyWomer Ev-31:28.940
19.Robert FrassettiZink C41:28.876
20.David A. TaubeLynx C1:28.646
21.John PitmanVector GB21:30.557
22.Thomas VlasakLynx1:40.384

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Formula First – Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.Greg RiceProblemchild SM21:20.134
2.Scott MeyerMystique M51:20.728
3.Robert ClarkEvolution1:20.543
4.Dimitri MariuttoBRD1:22.417
5.Matt GordonCampbell Evolution1:22.978
6.Dwight SontagProtoform P21:22.435
7.Asa CandlerEvolution1:24.882
8.Garry SharpCampbell Citation1:27.644
9.Robert Van DykeWomer Ev-31:31.301
DNFMike OhanlonEvolution1:22.529
DNFDave BlevinsCaracal MTV11:24.279

45th Formula Vee Birthday Celebration
Formula Vee – Brundage Cup Race Results
April 6, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway – Bloomingdale, Georgia

Pos.DriverChassisFast Time
1.Jeremy GrenierWomer Ev-31:21.379
2.Brad StoutVortech1:22.202
3.Stevan DavisRacer’s Wage1:22.136
4.Stephen OsethVortech1:22.370
5.Ed WomerWomer Ev-31:21.752
6.Lisa NobleVortech1:21.477
7.Gary BlanarikCaracal SB1:21.942
8.Eugene GrimesMysteriam M21:21.578
9.Tom StephaniCaracal D1:22.397
10.Douglas SontagRhino DS31:22.314
11.Rick ShieldsVDF-21:21.908
12.Arnold Carbaugh Jr.Protoform P11:22.110
13.Sherman EnglerProtoform V1:22.102
14.Paul TuckerCaracal D1:22.915
15.Anthony HendersonCaracal C1:22.882
16.Ray PhillipsProtoform P31:23.055
17.Charlie RogersProtoform P21:22.138
18.Albert SpadinProtoform P21:23.313
19.Sandy ThalheimerCaracal D1:23.302
20.James BrookshireAgitator1:23.615
21.Bob O'ConnorVortech1:23.364
22.Bill RocheCitation XTC411:23.217
23.Harold JohnstonCaracal D1:23.220
24.William RossBRD1:24.107
25.Laura AndradeCaracal D1:23.164
26.Robert De PalmaMysterian M21:24.441
27.Greg DavisLazer MrkII1:25.063
28.Lee WagnerLynx B1:25.159
29.Christine GurleyCaracal CR1:25.796
30Shannon JonesCaracal B1:24.251
31.Matthew GuzowskiCaracal C1:26.271
32.Richard StyczynskiMysterian1:24.259
33.Doug KyrWomer Ev-31:27.148
34.Nick AshleyCaracal D1:26.111
35.Stuart DelaneyCaldwell D131:27.117
36.William Cooper IIIProtoform P31:21.709
37.James D. HannumCaracal D1:23.181
38.Ray QuallsProtoform P31:24.061
39.Stephen IraFastech 061:21.748
40.Ray CarmodyMysterian M21:22.785
41.Warren HolcombMysterian1:25.433
42.Joseph BrownAgitator III1:23.951
DNFRuss StalveyCaracal D1:25.307

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