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November 02, 2007
Formula Ford: Walter Hayes Trophy Preview

Widely regarded as the premier Formula Ford trophy race in the world, the Walter Hayes Trophy takes place this weekend (November 3-4) at the Silverstone Circuit in England.

Entering the seventh running of the prestigious Walter Hayes Trophy event, over 135 Formula Fords utilizing the traditional Kent engine package are set to battle against one another. Showcasing the depth of the class, among the entry list are 60 different car chassis and 18 different manufactures, including well-known builders such as Van Diemen Swift and Ray, as well as more rare marks such as Dunlon, Mondiale and Spectrum. With cars ranging from the eight in built in the 1960ís to the 23 manufactured in the 2000ís, fans of FF1600 racing will get the chance to see virtually every type car on-track during the Walter Hayes Trophy.

Given the size of the field, it is virtually impossible to predict who will emerge with the win in 2007, but more than a few drivers stand out as front-runners. Peter Dempsey (Ray GRS05) returns as the reigning champion, seeking to become only the second driver to win more than one WHT. Joey Foster (Van Diemen RF78), the three-time winner from 2003 to 2005, will race for the first time following a severe crash in the German F3 Championship one year ago. Gavin Wills (Van Diemen RF00) captured the trophy in 2005 and was the Formula Ford Festival winner in 2005. Noel Dunne (Van Diemen RF92) and Keith Dempsey (Swift SC92F) enter the race as past two FF Festival winners. In addition to regular FF1600 pilots, 2006 UK Formula Ford champion Nathan Freke (Swift SC93F) and 2007 UK FF Championship race winners James Nash (Van Diemen RF92) and Jay Bridger (Van Diemen RF01) will also be racing.

After two days of pre-event testing, the 2007 edition of the Walter Hayes Trophy officially gets underway Saturday with the large field broken into six groups and contesting heat races. The racing action continues on Sunday with the Sunday Storm race, Progression race, Last Chance race and two Semi-Final races prior to the Walter Hayes Trophy race at the end of the day.

For a third straight year, FormulaCar Magazine and eFormulaCarNews.com will be providing coverage of this amazing event with reports and results.

2007 Walter Hayes Trophy Entry List

0.James ColeVan Diemen RF99
1.Peter DempseyRay GRS05
2.Paul SleemanJamun T2
3.Robert HallSwift SC92F
4.Paul MasonSwift SC94K
5.Stuart ThorburnVan Diemen RF91
6.Neil DaviesLotus 61MX
7.Sam Carrington-YatesVan Diemen RF93
8.Paul DaggVan Diemen RF91
9.Ed MooreVan Diemen RF99
10.Angus GeddesVan Diemen RF88
11.Rory Farrell Jr.Crossle 30F
12.Noel DunneVan Diemen RF92
13.Stuart KestenbaumVan Diemen RF79
14.Ed McDonoughMacon MR8
15.Alex ClassickMerlyn MK11A
16.Joey FosterVan Diemen RF78
17.Liam PayneSwift SC93F
18.Matt TaylorsonVan Diemen RF92
19.Andrew MacGregorVan Diemen RF86
20.Perry MobbsVector MG95
21.Wes MitchellMerlyn MK20
22.Jay BridgerVan Diemen RF01
23.Andrew ChesherVan Diemen RF92
24.Gary ThompsonReynard 84FF
25.Ben NortonSpectrum 011
26.Neville SmythRay GRS07
27.John FarrellJamun M89
29.Stuart GoughRay GRS07
30.Mark DaviesJamun M96
31.Nick HewittReynard 89FF
32.David MalpasVan Diemen RF78
33.Gary JonesVan Diemen RF91
35.Keith DempseySwift SC92F
36.Peter BookerSwift SC95K
37.Ian HowardVan Diemen RF87
38.Will SchryverVan Diemen RF99
39.Noel CareyRay GRS06
40.Peter LavenderVan Diemen RF79
41.Andy OliverVan Diemen RF79
42.Roy MacGregorVan Diemen RF82
43.Adrian HamiltonVan Diemen RF90
44.Michael VegersVan Diemen RF99
45.Steve ChapmanVan Diemen RF95
46.Wayne BoydVan Diemen RF92
47.Rebecca DeanReynard 88FF
48.Matthew DeanReynard 88F
49.Michael StewartVan Diemen RF86
50.Kevin OíHaraVan Diemen RF92
51.Adam QuartermaineVan Diemen RF99
52.Colin WrightMerlyn MK17
53.Derek RodgersVan Diemen RF91
54.Alex MeekMerlyn MK20A
55.Steve MellishVan Diemen RF89
56.Alan SlaterSwift FB89
57.David WildRay GRS00
58.Michael BradleyVan Diemen RF00
59.Nick layReynard 89FF
60.Nigel ThompsonVan Diemen RF88
61.Bob HigginsVan Diemen RF90
62.Dave MorganRoyale RP21
63.Paul McMorranCrossle 25F
64.Adam HigginsVan Diemen RF88
65.John FordVan Diemen RF88
66.Rory ButcherVan Diemen RF92
67.Mark WilliamsReynard 92FF
68.Paul HubbardMerlyn MK20
69.Dave LoweLotus 61
70.David ThorburnVan Diemen RF92
71.John NashVan Diemen RF80
72.Morgan DempseyVan Diemen RF91
73.Carl HemmingJamun T25
74.Martin ShortVan Diemen RF00
75.Neil PattenVan Diemen RF99
76.Barry LinleyVan Diemen RF90
77.Jim MorrisVan Diemen RF05
78.Felix FischerSwift SC92F
79.James NashVan Diemen RF92
80.Maxime PialatMygale SJ01
81.Josh FisherMygale SJ01
82.Douglas CrosbieVan Diemen RF88
83.Tom MargetsonReynard 89FF
84.Steve LowdenVan diemen RF88
85.Dave ConnorVan Diemen RF03
86.Louis di RestaVan Diemen RF90
87.Stephen GibbinsVan Diemen RF01
88.Gavin WillsVan Diemen RF00
89.David MarshallSwift SC93F
90.Henry CampbellReynard 83FF
91.John MurphyVan Diemen RF99
92.Jamie JardineSwift SC92F
93.Rich WadnerSwift SC92F
94.Miles GriffithsVan Diemen RF88
95.Andy TurnockRoyale RP26
96.Dan FoxRay 97F
97.Tony FolkesLotus 61
98.James FugettRay 95F
99.William ZolloReynard 92FF
100.Nick JonesVan Diemen RF01
101.Benn SimmsDunlon MP15
102.Graham CarrollVan Diemen RF90
103.Ankit LoveVan Diemen RF96
104.Steve RussellAlexis
105.Robin WebsterVan Diemen RF99
106.David GradyVan Diemen RF02
107.Brendan DugganVan Diemen RF84
108.Stuart JonesVan Diemen RF95
109.Richard AczelReynard 84FF
110.Olivier RobertsSwift SC92F
111.Ian GoughSwift SC95K
112.Jeremy BouckleyMallock MK2
114.Andrew JonesRay GRS07
115.Nigel DolanVan Diemen RF86
116.Neil McArthurVan Diemen RF01
117.Gaius GhinnVan Diemen RF00
118.Craig BruntonVan Diemen RF92
119.Mark WilsonLola T644
120.Chris HodgenVan Diemen RF90
121.Kaiser RazzaqRay 98F
122.Mark EdwardsSwift SC93F
123.Robery HoughtonMerlyn MK20A
124.Robert WhelanVan Diemen RF90
126.Andy PowellRoyale RP21
127.Robert BarrableSwift SC92F
128.Peter BarrableRay GRS05
134.Robin LiddellMondiale M88S
135.Christopher HortonVan Diemen RF88
142.Norman ThompsonVan Diemen RF86
144.David QuinnVan Diemen RF99
146.Martin PieraciniVan Diemen RF90
172.Jonathan HoadVan Diemen RF90
173.Nathan FrekeSwift SC93F
177.Joe WaltonCrossle 25F
178.Paul WaltonCrossle 25F
182.Lee CentamereVan Diemen RF89
189.Peter DalyVan Diemen RF89
191.Patrick McKennaRay GRS07
195.Richard YoungCrossle 55F
198.Lorna VickersVan Diemen RF89

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