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December 17, 2014 News
New Hoosier Tires for F1600 and F2000

Formula Race Promotions, operators of the F1600 Formula F Championship Series and F2000 Championship Series, and Hoosier Racing Tire announced today an updated tire for both F1600 and F2000 for the 2015 season at a press conference during the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis.

The F1600 Series, expanding from 14 races to 21 races, but on a similar seven-weekend schedule, will move to radial tires, while keeping its maximum six tire rule. The rule will cover all three races per weekend and the single qualifying session.

The new F1600 tires will also feature a slotted tread pattern.

“Moving to the radial tire will be a relatively seamless transition, and we are establishing a milestone moment in Formula F racing,” said Bruce Foss, business unit manager, circuit racing tires, Hoosier Racing Tire. “The goal is to convert these cars from a bias tire to a radial for driver development to the next class. The bias tire is more forgiving than a radial which, allows the driver to make a mistake and recover, where as with the radial the driver has to be more technical.”

Hoosier recently conducted a two-day private tire test and will make setup and tire data available to teams prior to the 2015 season.

Hoosier has been the official tire supplier of the F2000 Series since 2008, and will switch tire compounds for the 2015 season.

“The main goal for the new F2000 tires is to improve the longevity so that the tires will last an entire race weekend before wearing out,” added Foss. “A secondary goal is to also improve the overall performance of the rear tire. It is also desirable to minimize the amount of lap time degradation as the durability of the tire increases.”

Tires will be priced at the same rates as the 2014 season.

Both Series will also receive updated rain tires for the 2015 season.
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